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Miss Call Notification

Utility of miscall service is very wide for all organizations in sales, support, CRM, survey, polls, subscription, accounts etc. Here we discuss a few common utilities of miss-call services in prospect of call industries.

Advertisement ROI calculation
Advertisements ROI is very important & challenge to calculate ROI for non-internet advertisements. Solution is miss-call alert services. Use multiple miss-call numbers for each type of advertisement and you will know about lead distributions as per advertisement medium and calculate your ROI as per advertisement medium.

Sales lead generation
As per study voice is easy to remember & recall other then text or graphics so if you have voice communication with your client then this means your impact is better then other mediums.

Survey & polls
If opinion submission is free then you get more participators so your survey accuracy & value is higher. Use different-2 miss-call number for option selection

Better Understanding
Lead generation becomes quite simpler by miss-call service than other medium, you just add your miss-call number to your advertisements campaign. Some sample are as follows

” Miss-call to 9XXXXXXXXX Get Discount “
” Miss-call to 9XXXXXXXXX & we will call you “
” Miss-call to 9XXXXXXXXX for today´s offer “

As you got miss-call, our system will start process as per your configuration, for example, you configured ” Connect to agent ” system with automatic call connection to all ( or one) agents and as the call is picked-up by any one then other calls will be dropped and system will call to miss caller and connect with your agent. It reduces your call back time and enhance your sales leads.

Support “replacement of Toll-Free “
Most of organizations use toll-free for support; in toll-free we have few drawbacks
1. High billing of each incoming call.
2. Hold time increases billing to organization.
3. Hold time irritates most of clients because client does´t know exact time to hold
And advantage of toll-free is Free of cost for client. To replace this system we need to design a system to overcome drawbacks and carry advantage. So, replace it by Miscall service to call back service, Our statements to client is ” Need support miscall at XXXXXXXXXX and we call you back “.

(A) Solution to Cost issue: It reduces cost to organization because there is no hold time and system use low-cost outgoing calling rates.
(B) Free For client: Beauty of miscall service is that it´s free for client as per toll-free.
(C) Hold Time issue: If you setup auto call back then system is connecting support seeker to your free support agent. If all agents are busy then system put support seeker in support queue and update to client expect call back time via SMS, WhatsApp or System generated call back for Land line callers. If you setup manual, then system pass support seeking number to your support agent.

User Verification
We verify user´s mobile number in Case of Delivery, Trial access, Account activation etc. For verification by SMS or Call, it cost a lot to verify. But use miss-call service where we simply have to ask visitor to miscall by registered number and verify it.
Request Information:

Offer miss-call for information request to your clients, statements to client will be as follows:
1. Miss-call us for ” Balance Enquiry “.
2. Miss-call us for ” Dues Enquiry “.
3. Miss-call us for ” Sign up or Trial Account “.
4. Miss-call us for ” Activate your X service “.
5. Miss-call us for ” Account Status “.
6. Miss-call us for ” Live Score “.
7. Miss-call us for ” Stock Exchange Update “.

For example visit HDFC´s miss-call service centre to information services
Adbysms provides you one stop solution of all next generation communication via social media.

Miss call alert Setup
Set up your complete Miss call alert panel in Rs. 666/Month only. No need to pay monthly set up charges, there is one time setup charges for particular number.
*Channels6 (3 Dedicated + 3 Guest)
*E-mail Notification Free
*SMS Notification Paid
*URL Forwarding
*Services Managed
*Set Up Free

E-mail Marketing

Bulk e-mail marketing has become one of the most popular modes of marketing a product or service. It is helpful in generating brand visibility and awareness through tools like e-mail newsletters and bulk e-mail.

We help you connect with your existing customers as well as your potential customers. We are experts at collecting, managing and segmenting your e-mail subscribers. Through our services we ensure that your company maintains a profitable as well as long term business relationship with its customers.  Our web-based application is designed in such a way as to know the needs of your customers and is grounded on an extensive knowledge of ethical mailing practices.

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