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5 Best Alternatives to Google URL Shortener

google url shortener Written by Meli Taylor

Launched in 2009, the Google URL shortener, goo.gl, was one of the best free link shorteners online for a decade. Unfortunately, this Google link shortener was discontinued in 2019. Since then, many have searched for a new web address shortener with similar features. 

Is There a New Google URL Shortener?

There is a new Google link shortener called Firebase Dynamic Links, which we cover here. Firebase Dynamic Links is a great tool for deep mobile linking, but it doesn’t work for desktop links. As such, businesses that use short links on platforms other than mobile apps need a separate URL shortener.

google url shortener

In this article, we will go over the 5 best alternatives to Google link shortener. These alternative Google URL shorteners include features such as link tracking, analytics, and custom branding so you can make the most of your short links.

5 Best Replacements for Google URL Shortener

1. Tiny.cc

Tiny.cc is a free web address shortener that is very easy to use. Simply go to the homepage, type in your long URL, and click “shorten”! Yet, despite this simplicity, Tiny.cc does include some more advanced features not typically found in a free shortener. If you make a free account, you can track traffic statistics for your URLs such as unique and returning clicks, user country, user browser, and more. You can also edit and delete your short URLs for free.

Overall, Tiny.cc is an excellent free replacement to Google URL shortener with many of the same advanced features. 

2. Bitly

bitly shortener

Bitly is the most-used shortener for businesses due to its advanced link tracking and customization features. The platform collects over 20 data points from every click on your link. You can generate analytic reports from this information to determine how well your links are performing. You can also set up your own custom domain for your URLs and advertise your brand.

However, Bitly’s best features can only be accessed with a paid plan. Bitly’s free plan lets you access some link tracking data, custom link endings, and tags for sorting. Bitly’s free plan is a suitable alternative to Google URL shortener, although you do have to make an account to start creating URLs. If you’re willing to pay for advanced features, then Bitly’s enterprise plan is the way to go.

3. Rebrandly

Rebrandly is a direct competitor to Bitly that provides even more customization options. With a free Rebrandly account, you can set up 5 custom domains, generate 500 custom URLs, and track up to 5,000 clicks per month. Paid plans unlock more domains, branded links, tracking features, and link editing.

Whether you choose a free or paid plan, Rebrandly is your best alternative to Google link shortener for custom branding, making it a great choice for marketers running short link campaigns.

4. T2M

Like Tiny.cc, T2M URL Shortener lets you shorten long URLs with just the click of a button on the homepage. However, T2M’s advanced features are only accessible with paid plans. Fortunately, these plans are quite inexpensive. For a one-time fee of $5, you can create 1,000 URLs/month, track 5,000 clicks, and generate basic analytic reports. For a monthly fee, ranging from $9.99/month to custom “dedicated” plans, you can unlock more URLs and clicks, customization tools, link editing, and more advanced analytics.

Both T2M’s basic free link shortener and paid plans provide a solid alternative to Google link shortener for everyone from individual users to enterprises.

5. Droplr

droplr url shortener

Droplr offers an affordable URL shortener for enterprises which includes an unlimited number of short links. You can set up a custom domain or subdomain, and view and compare the performance of your links via their Premium Analytics. Best of all, Droplr uses enterprise-level security features to protect your links and account information, such as SSO options, SSL/TLS data encryption, and GDPR compliance.

Droplr pricing begins at only $7/user/month for individuals and teams. Stay tuned for future updates as we continue to improve our alternative to Google URL shortener.

Which Alternative Google URL Shortener is Best for You?

The answer to this question will depend on your needs. Enterprises should consider Bitly, Rebrandly, or Droplr as their replacement Google URL shortener depending on if they prioritize data tracking, custom branding, or unlimited links, respectively. Tiny.cc is the best choice for a completely free URL shortener and is perfect for anyone that misses the simplicity of Google URL shortener. T2M works both ways, providing a simple free shortener as well as advanced features for businesses on its paid plans.

If you’re an enterprise customer and need more help picking out a URL shortener, check out our article on picking the best URL shortener for enterprises. You can also check out our lists for the 5 Best URL Shorteners in 2020 and 7 Best Free URL Shorteners. If you need to review the basics of URL shortening, then read up on What is a URL Shortener or How to Create a Tiny URL.  Questions or comments? Let us know.